Re-Elect Trump 2024

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Our Goal Is Simple!

Re-elect Donald J. Trump

as our 47th President of the United States of America and finish what we started.

Register and Deliver over 100,000,000 Votes for Donald J. Trump from the people and make history!

Help at least one Friend or Family Member through Education and needed transportation to the polls on Tuesday, November 5th, 2024



   74,222,958 Voters Want It!   

We are asking each Trump voter to reach out and help at least 1 friend who did/didn’t vote in 2020 to reach the magic number of 100,000,000 votes for Trump in 2024.



We first help those who haven’t registered yet to do so immediately.

Secondly, confirm their registration papers and set up a pick-up time for you both and others to head to the polls on November 5th, 2024.

Mobile Phone


Call A Friend

Filling Out a Medical Form


Register their Name



Ride-Share to the Polls



Vote Together for Trump


Maybe after have a cup of coffee together.

Image by Dalton Caraway

Lastly, let’s pick up a Trump sign or two and help put them in your front yards!

Yes, Your Vote Matters


Do you know the power of DOUBLING?

US Flag

If just 1 Trump voter brings a friend to the polls, then they bring a friend, it doubles.


After 30 days of friends bringing friends, there will be an additional 5,368,709 added votes for President Trump!


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Who We Are

A SuperPac filled with compassion for all of America! Regardless of party affiliation, we are Americans first!


Our first purpose is to educate and drive first-time voters and non-voters to the polls on Nov. 5th 2024.


Secondly, to inform all voters of President Trump's triumphs and overall record & distinctions where others have failed.


Finally, to stop all the discord between parties and promote President Trump's accomplishments to change minds!


Our Promise

A common sense approach to continue our efforts to help lower taxes, support free markets, strengthen the military, provide gun rights for all without hate or negative influences…

Join Us!

Our team of Trump supporters is diverse although we need your help! If you have ideas, energy, expertise and personal relationships or just a great Trump story reach out and please help us expand!


Is a


What Is a SuperPac?

Image by You X Ventures

An action committee that raises funds to spend on our political messages, beliefs and activities. Our individual efforts are unlimited: We should be talking to family, friends, corporations, unions, etc. to prompt the 2024 outcome of our state and (more importantly) our next Presidential Election!

     Funds Raised Will Pay For    

Bus Passengers


Image by erica steeves


Image by NeONBRAND

Social Media

Radio Show

Talk Radio

TV Screens

TV Advertising



Suburban House

Yard Signs


Marketing Goal

To raise $1.00 for every Trump vote in 2020:



One Man, Many Efforts


Violent Crime Has Fallen Every Year Trump was in Office

Finalized the Creation of Space Force

Signed 12 Weeks of Parental/Paid Leave Bill

Legalized Hemp & CBD

Signed Bill Lowering Prescription Drug Prices

Created a VA Hotline

Fastest Vaccine Development Ever

FREE HIV Drugs for 11 Years


Comparing Presidents

Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 9.20.47 AM.png